Eren Tüysüz

  • Öğrenci
????Hello Designer, ????My interest in design started when I was in elementary school. When I went to Koç High School, I started to be interested in almost every field of design. During this time, I had the opportunity to improve myself by participating in competitions and art events. It was then that I realized that I was a more extroverted student than at school. With the guidance of my teachers, I tried to find myself by doing internships in various places during high school. During this time; ????Future Stars INC ????DB architects I had the opportunity to do internships in Turkey's leading companies. Just because I wanted to study abroad at that time. I met RUFA (Rome University of Fine arts) and started to develop myself and prepare a portfolio in order to enter here. ✏️While I was preparing this portfolio; -hand drawings -architectural design -Model designs -Product design -Sketchup 3D I have seriously improved in my aspects✅. During my applications in this direction, I had been accepted from 7 schools. ????RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) ????University of Kent ????Glasgow School of Arts ????NABA Milan ????IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) ????Istituto marangoni ????Istanbul Bilgi University Both the location of the school and the development of the teaching staff made RUFA my first choice. I studied Design here for 1 year. ????Moreover, during this time, I traveled to various cities in Italy, expanding my design vision and developing my aesthetic sense. ????During this 1 year, -Professional design drawings -Lumion 3D -Photoshop -AutoCad -Rhino 3D -Design history -Design Methodology -Technical Drawing ????I developed my skills in directions. ????With the effect of the pandemic, I started my BA education in Istanbul Bilgi University in 2021. I am currently a 3rd year Visual Communication Design student. After meeting with Istanbul Bilgi University????, I caught the passion and a real design understanding I was really looking for! ✏️By continuing to improve myself in design throughout 2021, I started to design both visual and product designs with modular parts at MeroDesign. This internship has given me a lot. ????Material information ????Modular design ????Exhibition design ????Interior design ????Industrial designs Throughout the process, I managed to use Autocad-Photoshop-Adobe illustrator and sketchup 3D programs more competently. ????Currently, I continue to do internship at Merodesign company. ????We continue to make designs that will change the future. I always intend to continue with passion and dedication! So how did you find your passion in design ?